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Signs Of Hiv In Normal Blood Work My "Blood Count" Test Came Back Normal, Does That Mean I Probably Don't Have HIV?

My "Blood Count" Test came back normal, does that mean I probably don't have HIV? - signs of hiv in normal blood work

To say the Ministry of Health in a letter, they have been exposed to HIV / hepatitis A, B and C due to unsanitary conditions that my doctor (now in jail). I am very happy that I'm paranoid HIV-positive. It was exposed to 4 months ago. So I went and had tests. She called me and told me that my "Blood Count" normal, but are still awaiting tests for HIV / sexually transmitted diseases. Now it is a good sign that my blood count is normal? If I had HIV not my bottom in white blood counts should be withdrawn or the other? I am not a weakened immune system and my blood work would be a bad thing? They also say that I will come to the office in person to deliver results. I'm going crazy !!!!! I also have a fungal infection in my vING area a month ago is a sign of AIDS? I'm so paranoid! Please help! My blood count is normal, a good sign?


hillarie said...

In reality, it takes about 3 weeks for antibodies to HIV in the blood appear in a Western blot or ELISA.
The good news is that if positive results have a significantly better prognosis than in HIV-Around. First couple of friends who were positive for years! (You a grandmother who have become very good.)
Previously I have an HIV test and 3 weeks is that what we have learned, so that it remains "hidden" in any part of the body after that, and very often shows it. We have also learned that it is very difficult for a virus GET "IRT, when the air hits the room, you have an opening directly into the blood, etc.
If the sign of hepatitis was positive I would be much more about how Hepatitis C is the new epidemic.
Best wishes, and we hope that your doctor willashamed!

flowerma... said...

With HIV, the test is now a latency period of 3 months. To be absolutely safe, use condoms if you are sexually active for three months and then test it again. This will give you a clear idea of your state. Used as a latent period of 6 months, the test is much better that I tell them that the test is now 3 months.

Kelsey said...

How awful! HIV can be detected up to a year, although this is rare. It is noted, usually within one month after exposure. What the CBC is a person living with HIV tend to have a normal number of T cells, perhaps a bit less. The T-cell count is almost always normal in the case of a new exhibition (as if you only work for about six months or one year). Number of T cells begins when the virus was opprrotunity reproduce and distribute fall. If you have only 4 months was suspended, their immune system is probably not sufficient to show the deterioration of a T-cell count low. Fungal infections (such as Candida and fungal infections) do not come often in immunocompromised patients. But did make the usually do not arrive until the virus is an opprotunityT cells destroy vaginal infections are more common in women, and can always be obtained, regardless of whether you are HIV positive. There is a specific symptom. Good luck to you, and I am very satisfied with his ex-doc in jail .... happy sad that he practiced medicine and not sure that you and your other patients now suffer from anxiety and possibly to disease.

Terry said...

My blood count is not an indicator of HIV. May your blood count is normal, even if he AIDS. Check where you live to see whether you can get HIV rapid test. You have results within 15 minutes to relieve the anxiety of waiting.

You have to go into the office to receive the results of HIV, you can not tell you by phone or e-mail the results. Specifies whether positive or negative. The standard procedure, you do not like to panic.

I think that is the yeast infection in women, only a part, a woman and certainly not an indicator of HIV in this phase.

I'm waiting for my results too, so we will wait along time. My results for hepatitis will be sent to me, but how you go, the officand for my HIV results. This is advice given to you and all of its options set if they are positive. Therefore, it is a good thing.

Good luck with your results.

essentia... said...

I wish I had better news for you, but can be six months to a year before it will appear enough in HIV studies. Your normal blood values are good, but it does not reflect anything about the virus. You need to be retested in six months and one year to ensure that they are HIV-free.
Hepatitis is not something that happens which kills more people than HIV, so remember to take a test for that.

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